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Papers Online

BusinessWeek has a set of pictures and an article dealing with nanotechnology in its November 27 issue. The article, It's a Nano World. has several paragraphs about current research in nanotechnology.
Link Discovery Credit: Nanodot posting by Patrice Clement.

Science magazine has a special issue devoted to nanotechnology. An overview is available at (note: registration required).
Link Discovery Credit: Nanodot posting.

The Dallas Morning News has a two part article by Alexandra Witze on nanotechnology, Nanotechnology learns tricks from life and Nanotech's hope the stuff of sci-fi.

ZDNet Interactive Week has an article, Promise And Peril, by Ray Kurzweil discussing some of Bill Joy's comments on nanotechnology and including Ray's opinion on some of risks, rewards, and responsibilities for technology development. This is a really good balanced article covering some of the effects of technology development and the tendency to underestimate the compounding effect of technological progress. Link Discovery Credit: Brad Hein via via Yahoo! Full Coverage Nanotechnology.

The Dallas Morning News has an article, The next small thing, byAlexandra Witze. The article is written for a general audience and covers some of the current discoveries in nanotechnology with nanotubes and nanoparticles. Link Discovery Credit: Brad Hein via Yahoo! Full Coverage Nanotechnology.

USA Today has a balanced article, No need to fear: Nanotechnology is near, by Kevin Maney, with information on the potential of nanotechnology in differnt areas. Link Discovery Credit: Brad Hein (I saw this in the print edition of USA Today while on vacation).

Thinking Small: Technologies That Can Reduce Logistics Demand by Calvin Shipbaugh. This article covers how MEMS and nanotechnology could be used to improve Army logistics. The article includes several examples of potential nanotechnology applications.

DARPA Focus 2000 Keynote Address, William A. Haseltine, Ph.D. This keynote address covers the effects of genomic developments and their effects on modern biology. It also mentions engineering at the atomic level as one of the implications of these developments.

ALL ABOARD THE NANOTUBE, by Michael Brooks in the World Link magazine. This article discusses developments in carbon nanotubes and some of the possible applications.

Channeling Heat in One Dimension (in Science Magazine, Volume 289, Number 5485, Issue of 8 September 2000) discusses the heat dissipation properties of carbon nanotubes. Some more information on the article is available in a EurekaAlert listing at

From Nanomedicine's List of Recent Articles on Nanomedicine:

Nanotechnology and Information Technology 2020 by Rajat K. Paharia. This is a paper about nanotechnology and nanoelectronics from a Stanford class on forecasting the future of information technology. I recommend reading the paper for some good background information and illustrations of tools for nanotechnology.

Thinking Small is an essay by Mark Pesce about nanotechnology in Feed magazine's special issue about inventions for the 21st century.

21 Ideas for the 21st Century by Peter Coy and Neil Gross. This is a Business Week article examining possible future technologies. The article has nanotechnology under idea number four. Overall, I thought this article was a good examination of nanotechnology--not too much speculation and some good points.

Respirocytes A Mechanical Artificial Red Cell: Exploratory Design in Medical Nanotechnology by Robert A. Freitas Jr.
This paper discusses the design and safety issues and applications of an artificial reb blood cell that could be developed using molecular manufacturing.

Size Matters: Nanotechnology and the Battle to Build Smaller by Noah Robischon. This article is from the Discovery Channel Online. I think it's good; it doesn't pull any punches in stating the facts currently known about nanotechnology.

There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom by Richard Feynman
A classic 1959 article discussing the limits of miniaturization that predicted the ability to arrange atoms [2].

Overview of Nanotechnology adapted by J. Storrs Hall from papers by K. Eric Drexler and Ralph Merkle. This is from the sci.nanotech website

Atomic and Molecular Scale Manipulation Using the Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscope by Richard Terra. This article was previously hosted at Nanothinc--I will try to find or provide a source for it again.

NCSA STM Definition Page

Advanced Automation for Space Missions
This is a 1980 NASA study which provides a good introduction to self replicating systems. A summary description of the paper is available at Ralph Merkle's nanotechnology site. [2].

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Fullerene-based Nanoscale GearsThe link for this article no longer works. I will try and find a source for this article again.

Self Replicating Systems and Molecular Manufacturing

Molecular Manufacturing: Adding Positional Control to Chemical Synthesis

Steps Towards Molecular Manufacturing discusses the design of molecular building blocks that could be used in conjunction with positional control in solution to build a useful range of non-diamondoid structures, including early assemblers [2]. This article was previously hosted at Nanothinc--I will try and find a new source for it.

Computational Nanotechnology discusses the idea of using computer simulation to speed the development of this new technology [2].

A Proof About Molecular Bearings

Design Considerations for an Assembler discusses the design of a "simple" diamondoid assembler.

Convergent Assembly

Nanotechnology and Medicine

Cornell's Scitech Magazine has a special issue on nanotechnology with the following articles:

  1. Prometheus Returns
  2. The Promise of Nanotechnology
  3. Understanding Nature's Machines
  4. Atomic Reach:  AFMs and STMs
  5. The Nanofuture at Cornell

Wired previously had a few pages discussing nanotechnology. They have moved, but I haven't looked them up again yet. Here is what they were about:

  1. Chris Peterson's Discussion about nanotech in Club Wired.
  2. Nanotech: Engines of Hyperbole? by Charles Platt.
  3. Reality Check: A time table for the future development of nanotechnology.
  4. WIRED Wonders has a section on Micromanufacturing by Drexler.
  5. The Museum of Nanotechnology is a fictional piece by Charles Platt with a possible future scenario for a nanotechnological museum.

The Construction and Utilization of Space Filling Polyhedra for Active Mesostructures is a document by Forrest Bishop concerning a collection of mesoscopic, similar machines, built by nanotechnology methods.

Thomas McCarthy has an interesting document entitled Molecular Nanotechnology and the World System.

Hypertext Publishing and the Evolution of Knowledge is a paper by K. Eric Drexler. There may be an online link to this--the previous link I had is gone.

The MMSG has a position paper for the National Space Society on Space and Molecular Nanotechnology also.

There's a page from John Walker on Nanotechnology in Manufacturing.

Nanotechnology: Manipulating Atoms One by One, by Robert Kulagowski and Loretta Kulagowski. A text on nanomachines. I have to find a new link to this paper if it's still on the web.

Theoretical Applied Science by Nick Szabo. This text deals with nanotechnology and theoretical applied science. I will try to find a link to this paper online.

A contrarians view, authored by Brad Cox, as to why nanotechnology might not be achievable--I may need to update this description. There are also links available to some sites.

Ralph Merkle has a new version of the planetary gear illustrated in Nanosystems on pages 311 and 312.

Ralph Merkle also has an article on reversible computing.

1. Overview of Nanotechnology
2. Ralph Merkle's Nanotechnology Web Site
3. Unbounding the Future
4. Nanotechnology Magazine Web Site
5. Foresight Institute Web Site

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