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Event Date: September 08-10, 2003
Event Name: World Nano-Economic Congress
Event Sponsor(s): Institute for International Research
Event location: Washington, DC, USA
For details, visit:
Conference Details (from event organizer):
The World Nano-Economic Congress (WNEC) series will become the leading
events for the cultivation and exploration of the commercial viability of
nanotechnology, informing each vertical industry sector of its impact on
their business as well as the value of investing in and purchasing nanotech
solutions. WNEC will take place annually in Europe, North America and Asia.

Contact Details:
Ph : 1-212-661-3500 x3127
E-mail :

Event Date: November 18-19, 2002
Event Name: Nanoelectronics Planet Fall 2002 Conference
Event Sponsor(s): The Center of Nanoelectronics Business
Event location: The Puck Building, New York, NY
For details, visit:
Conference Details (from event organizer):
Nanoelectronics Planet Fall 2002 Conference & Expo
Building on the success of the Nanotech Planet Conference & Expo,
Nanoelectronics Planet Fall 2002 Conference & Expo offers a more targeted
focus on the applications of nanotechnology within computing and

Entrepreneurs, experts from key electronics industries, government
officials, university and corporate researchers, institutional and corporate
investors, venture capitalists, technology transfer specialists,
intellectual property guardians, and business/economic development
professionals from around the world will make Nanoelectronics Planet Fall
2002 Conference & Expo the center for this emerging industry.

Understand how you can profit from the 21st century's relentless scaling of
critical dimensions and components of devices within complex electronic
systems. Nanoelectronics Planet Fall 2002 Conference & Expo will help you
minimize the risks of building a business and/or investing in
nanoelectronics and electronics-integrated nanomaterials.

Keynote I
John A. Rogers, Director, Nanotechnology Research, Bell Laboratories, Lucent
Keynote II: The Practical Nanoscientist: So Many Atoms, So Little Time
Mark A. Reed, Harold Hogkinson Chair of Engineering and Applied Science,
Yale University
Keynote III - IBM's Nanoscale Science/Technology Perspectives & Initiatives
Thomas N. Theis, Ph.D., Director, Physical Sciences, IBM Research Division,
Thomas J. Watson Research Center

At Nanoelectronics Planet Fall 2002 Conference & Expo you will:

Learn about nanoelectronics' path to commercialization as the key
technologies continue to emerge from the research setting;

a.. Learn how nanoelectronics and nanomaterials will be integrated into
the electronics manufacturing processes and end-products of the future;
b.. Look ahead to long-term nanoelectronics applications in memory,
nanocomputing, nanoprobes, and field emission devices in displays and
amplifiers, etc.;
c.. Hear from private and corporate investment experts about ROI
expectations and financial opportunities in the nanoelectronics sector;
d.. Develop skills and contacts to build a business in nanoelectronics;
e.. Network with leaders from corporate and government agencies funding
nanoelectronics projects;
f.. Hear first-hand from pioneers developing businesses or strategic
alliances in nanoelectronics
NEW! Venture Capital Pitch Forum

As part of paid registrations, attendees are offered free access to this
two-day Venture Capital Pitch Forum in which fledgling Nanotech
organizations will be presenting 20 minute presentations in their quest for
VC funding.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please contact Jeff Adler at or (212) 547-7864 or Marilyn Reed at (508)

Event Date: January 11 - 12, 2003
Event Name: International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Health Care
Event Sponsor(s): Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology & Research Academy
Event location: Tamil Nadu , India
For details, visit:
Conference Details (from event organizer):
The International workshop on “Nanotechnology & Health Care” arranged at SASTRA University will focus on the synergy developing between nanotechnology and health care.

Contact Details:

International Workshop on Nanotechnology & Health Care
SASTRA University
Thanjavur – 613 402
Tamil Nadu , India.

Ph : 91 4362 366248, 366502, 366586, 365220
Fax : 91 4362 366399, 365220, 365250
E-mail :

Event Date: June 23-25, 2003
Event Name: NanoEngineering World Summit
Event Sponsor(s): International Engineering Consortium
Event location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
For details, visit:
Conference Details (from event organizer):
The focus of the NanoEngineering World Summit (NEWS) 2003 is to bring together chief scientists and technologists, senior-level executives, research directors, educators, and engineers to learn about nanotechnology's emerging role in materials, electronics, life sciences, and business. Emphasizing the necessary collaboration between industry and research interests, the program will allow for a flow of technical knowledge and ideas, providing an arena for not only exploring the many already-existing applications of nanotechnology, but also stimulating discussion of new ones as well.

Contact Details:
Ph : 1-888-372-1997
E-mail :

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